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How are sweet potatoes grown?

DATE: May 29th, 2021
Sweet potatoes are high-yielding crops and have rich nutritional value.So how can sweet potatoes be grown and managed to produce high yields for farmers?
1.Grow sweet potatoes obliquely: sweet potatoes have developed roots, which can quickly root and bear fruit in loose and breathable soil environment. The method of planting sweet potatoes can make each stem knot sweet potato, so as to achieve the goal of high yield.
2.Potassium fertilizer application: sweet potato is a potassium-loving crop. Potassium is easy to be fixed in the soil and is not easy to move. Potassium fertilizer application can be applied to improve the yield and quality of sweet potato in the later stage.
3. Out-root topdressing: the root absorption capacity is weakened in the late stage of sweet potato braised fruit, which is prone to defertilizing. In this case, external topdressing and timely fertilizing can be adopted to prolong the photosynthetic time of leaves and prevent premature aging, so as to improve the yield and quality of sweet potato.
What is the best fertilizer for sweet potatoes?
You are recommended to use Chufang Fruit Rubik's Cube water-soluble fertilizer, which is refined from industrial grade or above raw materials, with long-lasting fertilizer effect and strong staying power. Good puffed fruit effect, high fruit sweetness, persistent use can improve the yield and quality of sweet potato.
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