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Relying on our 20 years’experience and resources in agriculture chemical industry, agriculture drone and agriculture service , we are committed to providing one-stop integrated agriculture service for our global distributors.
Basing on our core advantages in plant growth regulator, agriculture drone and water-soluble fertilizer, we have also expanded the other high-quality agriculture resources such as farming, harvesting, grain storage, processing etc…
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The general manager attended the Henan-Africa Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum
At the beginning of October, the general manager went to Africa to attend the Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum meeting, inspect the African agricultural mar
Controlling the American White Moth with the TP32 Drone
The American white moth reproduces fast and reproduces in large numbers, and its damage range is relatively wide, and the degree of damage is relatively serious. In order to stop its invasion, TP32 agricultural drones are used for precise pesticide application to reduce serious consequences.
Peach tree whole process drone spraying solution
Peach tree whole process drone spraying solution The high temperature weather in summer makes the peach trees grow vigorously, the new shoots grow vigorously, and the effect of fruit expansion becomes worse. At the same time, it also promotes the erosion of the fruit trees by pathogens, resulting in serious diseases. In order to solve the safety and efficacy problems of high-temperature pesticide application, technicians used TP32 drones to control, sterilize, and kill insects in a peach orchard. This can not only control the growth of new shoots and promote fruit expansion; but also prevent the occurrence of brown rot, anthracnose, and bacterial perforation; promote the formation of full and full flower buds at the lower parts of the branches, and lay a solid foundation for the next year's harvest.
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