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Relying on our 20 years’experience and resources in agriculture chemical industry, agriculture drone and agriculture service , we are committed to providing one-stop integrated agriculture service for our global partners.
Basing on our core advantages in plant growth regulator, agriculture drone and water-soluble fertilizer, we have also expanded the other high-quality agriculture resources such as farming, harvesting, grain storage, processing etc…
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Application of Quanfeng Agricultural Drone on Different Crops
Agricultural drone is playing an important role in agriculture and promoting a new agricultural revolution. Quanfeng agricultural done has been affirmed by people because of its advantages such as high efficiency, wide adaptability, saving water and agri-chemical, and being able to carry out large-area unified protection and governance.
Chufangagri TP32 particle spraying agricultural drone
At present, the Chufangagri TP32 agricultural drone spreading system has realized intelligent flight and has the function of precise rice spraying. It can control the amount of seeds per acre by setting the speed and height of the route, and then adjust the row spacing and plant spacing of rice.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China awarded Quanfeng Group the establishment of the first emergency prevention and control team for crop diseases and insect pests
At present, it is a critical period for the growth and production of autumn grain crops. Recently, the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs' emergency prevention and control of crop diseases and insect pests was established in Anyang, Henan Province. This is a drone emergency prevention and control operation service team formed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs relying on the professional unified defense and ruling force, which can realize the prevention and control of farmland diseases and insect pests nationwide. At present, Quanfeng Group's emergency prevention and control brigade has 30 emergency transport vehicles, 200 drones (sets), 300 emergency operations team members, and a daily operating capacity of 13333 ha. It mainly carries out prevention and control work against epidemic diseases and insect pests. It is reported that in order to improve the unified prevention and control of crop diseases and insect pests and ensure the smooth implementation of the campaign to promote good harvests, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China has carried out pilot work on the construction of emergency prevention and control teams for crop diseases and insect pests in six major grain-producing provinces this year.
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