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Application of Quanfeng Agricultural Drone on Different Crops
Agricultural drone is playing an important role in agriculture and promoting a new agricultural revolution. Quanfeng agricultural done has been affirmed by people because of its advantages such as high efficiency, wide adaptability, saving water and agri-chemical, and being able to carry out large-area unified protection and governance. The following introduces the application of Quanfeng agricultural drone on different crops
Using Chufangagri agricultural drones to disinfect
The agricultural drone disinfection team organized by Chufangagri to Hebi City with relevant disinfection agents to carry out all-round, non-dead-angle disinfection, and anti-epidemic operations in the area under its jurisdiction and 1,000 acres of land.
Application of microbial agents
XMD Bacillus amyloliquefaciens (TKJ) is processed through advanced fermentation technology and process to improve the rhizosphere environment of plants by improving the microbial structure of the soil. This functional inoculant containing microorganisms can promote the growth of healthy and beneficial microorganisms by improving the relevant structure of soil microorganisms, thereby forming a more optimized rhizosphere environment and promoting rapid rooting of plants.
This strain can competitively eliminate unwanted pathogens and resist the infestation of harmful bacteria and fungi in the soil, such as bacterial wilt and Pythium in tomatoes, powdery mildew in lettuce, grapes, walnuts, ivy, corn, soybeans , Fusarium wilt caused by Fusarium of eggplant, tomato, sweet pepper, potato, banana, cucumber, etc., flower blight of stone fruit, fruit rot, bacterial fruit spot of zucchini and watermelon, etc. This protects root health and helps plants absorb more nutrients from the soil.
This strain can improve the resistance of plants, promote plants to have strong and developed root systems, enhance the absorption and utilization of nutrient elements, and establish a solid foundation for the growth, flowering and fruiting stages, thereby improving crop yield and quality.
Application of liquid veraison fertilizer
This product is a refined product containing a variety of amino acids, biological enzymes and active peptides. It has the functions of promoting rooting, flowering, fruit setting, anti-cracking fruit, and veraison. It can promote the ripening of melons, fruits and vegetables, and add sweetness and refreshment, early sale, durable storage and transportation.
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