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How to Grow Apples
Apple likes light, and its root system likes slightly acidic to neutral. It is suitable for the soil planting with deep soil layer, rich in organic matter and good drainage at the same time.
It is better to keep the soil moisture content at 70% of the field water capacity in the new and slightly exuberant period and 60% - 65% of the field water capacity in the fruit coloring period.
How to Grow Maize
The normal growth of corn can not be separated from five basic elements: light, temperature, air, water and nutrients. Air refers to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and nutrients in the soil. In the field, light, temperature and air are usually difficult to control. Only the management of water and nutrients can be controlled artificially, specifically irrigation and fertilization. Through reasonable irrigation and fertilization, the yield and quality of corn can reach the highest.
Application of drone agri-chemicals on grapes
Nutrient requirements of grapes
1. Grape should not only pay attention to the supplement of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but also the supplement of calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, iron and manganese;
2. The grape needs nitrogen in the early stage and potassium in the later stage. There should be a certain amount of phosphorus supply in the whole growth stage. Magnesium and calcium fertilizers are best used in the flowering or young fruit period, and trace elements should be sprayed many times in the growth stage.
3. The proportion of nutrients required by grape varies at different growing times.
How to Grow Bananas
Bananas are sweet and delicious, are one of the favorite fruits. Bananas are high in nutritional
value and are rich in trace elements and vitamins. So how should bananas be grown?
Bananas like hot and humid climates and thrive in deep soil, loose soil and good drainage. The
banana root system is a slender fleshy root without a main root, and the distribution is
shallow. The optimum temperature for root growth is 20-30c. The soil moisture should be kept at
60% - 80% of the field capacity. June to September is the peak period of irrigation. The average
daily water demand intensity is 4 - 5 cm, and the irrigation volume per mu is 3 - 4 cubic
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