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How to Grow Bananas
Bananas are sweet and delicious, are one of the favorite fruits. Bananas are high in nutritional
value and are rich in trace elements and vitamins. So how should bananas be grown?
Bananas like hot and humid climates and thrive in deep soil, loose soil and good drainage. The
banana root system is a slender fleshy root without a main root, and the distribution is
shallow. The optimum temperature for root growth is 20-30c. The soil moisture should be kept at
60% - 80% of the field capacity. June to September is the peak period of irrigation. The average
daily water demand intensity is 4 - 5 cm, and the irrigation volume per mu is 3 - 4 cubic
Bananas have different requirements for various nutrients at different growth times.
At seedling period
Using Ximandi nutrition water-soluble fertilizer (NPK8-45-15+TE) can enhance the growth and development of banana plants and roots.
In the growth period
Using Ximandi Balanced water soluble fertilizer (NPK20-20-20+TE) and root rubik's cube (110-60-130+TE) can promote root growth.
At pregnancy and budding stage
Using Ximandi high nitrogen and potassium water-soluble fertilizer (NPK20-10-30+TE) is beneficial to promote nutrient absorption of bananas, preserve flowers and fruits, and increase fruit setting rate.
In the fruit development period
Using high-potassium water-soluble fertilizer (10-9-40+TE) and fruit rubik's cube (130-90-280+TE) will help promote banana fruit expansion, increase the sugar content of bananas, and improve quality. Increase production.
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