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Application of drone agri-chemicals on grapes
Nutrient requirements of grapes
1. Grape should not only pay attention to the supplement of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but also the supplement of calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, iron and manganese;
2. The grape needs nitrogen in the early stage and potassium in the later stage. There should be a certain amount of phosphorus supply in the whole growth stage. Magnesium and calcium fertilizers are best used in the flowering or young fruit period, and trace elements should be sprayed many times in the growth stage.
3. The proportion of nutrients required by grape varies at different growing times.
Grapes have different requirements for various nutrients at different growth times.
Fertilization 10 days after germination stage
Improve grape stress resistance, promote root growth and promote later flower bud differentiation.
Fertilization after 10 days of flowering stage
Live roots and strong seedings.
Fertilization in the period of flowering and fruiting
Protect flower and fruit, improve fruit setting rate of grape, reduce the problem of uneven fruit size.
Apply fertilizer for the expand stage
It can promote the rapid expansion of grape fruit, increase the sugar content of grape, and prevent the grape from different sizes and cracking.
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