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Chufangagri fuel drone spraying wheat to boost modern agriculture

DATE: May 8th, 2021
Agricultural fuel drones shuttled back and forth over wheat fields in Tangyin County, Henan Province, spraying pesticides on wheat, on May 7. 
At present, it is a critical period for the prevention and control of wheat pests and diseases. High efficiency and high-quality fuel drone operations can timely and effectively complete the prevention and control of wheat fields and diseases, and ensure the summer grain harvest.

Fuel drone spraying operation is a new and efficient operation mode. This mode operation has a large operating area and high efficiency. The aircraft has a large dose of pesticides, good operating quality, and more uniform spraying, which improves the utilization rate of pesticides. It can enter areas where ground machinery and equipment are not easy to enter, save manpower and material resources, and promote high agricultural production, stabilize production and help the development of modern agriculture.
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