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Application of Quanfeng Agricultural Drone on Different Crops

DATE: Jan 9th, 2023
Agricultural drone is playing an important role in agriculture and promoting a new agricultural revolution. Quanfeng agricultural done has been affirmed by people because of its advantages such as high efficiency, wide adaptability, saving water and agri-chemical, and being able to carry out large-area unified protection and governance. The following introduces the application of Quanfeng agricultural drone on different crops:
1.Quanfeng agricultural drone working on wheat
Compared with traditional agriculture, Quanfeng agricultural drone can control plant diseases and insect pests quickly and effectively. In China, the high incidence period of wheat plant diseases and insect pests is from mid April to mid May every year, mainly gibberellic disease, stripe rust and powdery mildew,etc. These plant diseases and insect pests have a high incidence and spread quickly. If traditional agri-chemical spraying methods and control methods are followed, it is basically difficult to achieve comprehensive prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests, and they will recur and spread again. The Quanfeng agricultural drone can not only work in a short time and in a large area, but also basically prevent and control plant diseases and insect pests, prevent the spread of plant diseases and insect pests, greatly reduce the recurrence rate, and the plant protection effect can be realized.

2.Quanfeng agricultural drone working on sugarcane
When the sugarcane grows to the elongation stage and the plant is higher, it is very difficult to spray the agri-chemical manually, Quanfeng agricultural drone has played a great advantage. Quanfeng agricultural drone has wide adaptability, can rise and land in the field, and can adapt to various working environments, it is more flexible to work in rugged ground or mountain than ordinary manual application. The drone controller only needs to operate remote from the side to spray agri-chemical, which also prevents farmers from agri-chemical poisoning.

3.Quanfeng agricultural drone working on fruit tree
In the spraying of some fruit trees, the traditional walking type machinery is not suitable for spraying, and it can not control the amount and area of spraying. Quanfeng agricultural drone spraying system has strong penetration, uniform spraying, few droplets, flying height of 2-4 meters, spraying width of 6-8 meters, the top, middle and bottom parts of crops can receive agri-chemical.
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