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How to Use Quanfeng Agricultural Drones for Business

DATE: Jun 26th, 2021
1. Figure out what agricultural drones can do for you.
Quanfeng drones can spray any liquid, in any field of vegetables and fruits, without any terrain restrictions. In the face of rampant locusts and mosquitoes, Quanfeng drones can be used to kill them.
2.Obtain commercial value.
Quanfeng agricultural drones can improve the quality of crops and increase yields. You can establish your own agricultural service company to increase the added value of drones.
3.Train suitable drone controllers.
Agricultural drones need to be need to be controlled by controllers. Including terrain planning, AB point settings and barrier avoidance setting, etc. The operation is simple and easy to master.

4.Necessary technical training.
We have a professional drone training school, and we have a professional drone course, and in terms of after-sales, we also have a dedicated after-sales team to provide service.
HENAN CHUFANG AGRICULTURE IMPORT&EXPORT CO.,LTD. is a Chinese leading agricultural integrated service provider. Relying on 20 years experience and resources, we committed to providing one-stop integrated agriculture service for our global partners. If you are interested in Quanfeng drone, or want to know more about agricultural drone technical knowledge, you can click on the online customer service, or leave a message to consult us, we sincerely welcome your consultation.
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