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Why Use Agricultural Drones

DATE: Jul 9th, 2021
Drones, the ”cool” cutting-edge technology is joining hands with agriculture, and the number of farmers using agricultural drones is also steadily increasing.
So  what is an agricultural drone?
Agricultural drone is an unmanned drone used for agricultural and forestry plant protection. Generally, it consists of three parts: a flight platform(fixed wing, single rotor, multi-rotor), navigation flight control, and spraying machine. The spraying operation is realized through ground remote control or navigation flight control.
Why use agricultural drones?
1. In terms of spraying, taking cotton field as an example, it is necessary to spray defoliant to achieve mechanical cotton picking, and the labor cost is relatively high. If the tractor drives into the cotton field, the cotton will be crushed and the yield will be reduced. The use of agricultural drone spraying can not only can save manpower and reduce costs, but also spray uniformly and accurately at any time. Now, Anyang Quanfeng has carried out operations in cotton fields in Xinjiang and other places, which is welcomed by farmers.
2. The use of agricultural drone spraying can save 50% of agri-chemical usage and 80% of water consumption, which greatly reduces resource cost.
3. Agricultural drone spraying can avoid the risk of farmers being exposed to agri-chemical and improve the safety of spraying operations.
4. Agricultural drones can increase crop yields and have high commercial value. They can also provide specialized commercial agricultural services, increase the added value of agricultural drones, and conduct leasing business.
Why choose Quanfeng agricultural drone?
1. In terms of plant protection technology, HENAN CHUFANG AGRICULTURE IMPORT&EXPORT CO.,LTD is a professional agricultural plant protection company. We have professional in plant protection technology, not only produce Quanfeng agricultural drones, but also produce a series of agricultural products such as agricultural machinery and agricultural fertilizers.
2. In terms of training, we have a professional drone training school, which has trained thousands of professional controller, and provides corresponding drone training courses, so that customers will not have technical concerns.
3. In terms of after-sales, we have a dedicated after-sales team to provide service. There are sufficient parts and components. We prepare at least 3-5 sets of parts for each drone, and our drones are all series, many parts are common.
4. In terms of agri-chemical, we independently develop and produce special agri-chemical sprayed by Quanfeng drones. Combined with Quanfeng drones, it can meet different crops and control targets without problems such as excessive agri-chemical residues and poor pest control effects.
In the future, Quanfeng drone will be more deeply involved in the field of agricultural services, promote the agricultural technology revolution, improve agricultural service standards, and help farmers improve agricultural production efficiency.
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