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What Is the Difference Between XIMANDI Water Soluble Fertilizer and Traditional Compound Fertilizer

DATE: Jan 11th, 2021
With the development of new agricultural technologies of irrigation and fertilization, water soluble fertilizer is more and more widely used in the field of agricultural. At present, water soluble fertilizer has gradually replaced compound fertilizer in some high-quality economic crops and becomes a very large amount of fertilizer. So, what is the difference between XIMANDI water soluble fertilizer and traditional compound fertilizer, and what is the difference between in nutrient composition and fertilizer effectiveness?

Different nutrients
XIMANDI water soluble fertilizer has various, including water soluble fertilizer of large, medium and trace elements, as well as functional water soluble fertilizer containing amino acids, humic acid and microbial agents. Although traditional compound fertilizer can supply more than two kinds of main nutrients for crops, the main ingredients are only nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and the formula and nutrient elements are relatively single, and sometimes it cannot fully provide the nutrients needed by crops. XIMANDI water soluble fertilizer can provide specific and comprehensive nutrients, which is of great help in improving crop quality and reducing plant diseases and insect pests.

Different fertilizer effect period and validity period
XIMANDI water soluble fertilizer is a multi-element compound fertilizer, such as ammonium bicarbonate takes effect quickly, with the fertilizer validity period of 15 days; ammonium chloride takes effect in 3 days, with the fertilizer validity period of 25 days, and urea, with a slower effect, with the fertilizer validity period of 45 days. However, if traditional compound fertilizer is used for fertilization, it may cause the supplementary nutrients to not be in this period, or compound fertilizers take effect after this critical period, which will lead to the waste of nutrients and miss the period of rapid supplement of the elements, making the nutrient elements absorbed by the crop disorder at different periods.

Different effect and utilization
XIMANDI water soluble fertilizer is a high-efficiency fertilizer. The crop absorption rate is relatively fast, and the absorption utilization rate is about 90%, which is almost all absorbed. However, the absorption and utilization rate of traditional compound fertilizer during crop growth is only about 60%. Moreover, XIMANDI water soluble fertilizer contains less harmful heavy metal pollution and chloride than traditional compound fertilizer, so as to avoid soil nutrient imbalance, structural damage and other phenomena. If compound fertilizer is used in large quantities for a long time, it will cause soil harden and acidification, and the soil fertility will decrease a lot. However, some functional fertilizers in XIMANDI water soluble fertilizer can also improve the soil.

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