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Chufangagri TP32 particle spraying agricultural drone

DATE: Jan 1st, 2023
At present, the Chufangagri TP32 agricultural drone spreading system has realized intelligent flight and has the function of precise rice spraying. It can control the amount of seeds per acre by setting the speed and height of the route, and then adjust the row spacing and plant spacing of rice.
After the Chufangagri TP32 agricultural drone is accurately positioned in the field, it can carry out rice seed sowing operations, which can load 60 kilograms of rice seeds at a time. In order to spread the seeds more evenly in the fields, the drone's flying height is controlled at about 2.5-3 meters, the spray range is set to 4 meters, and the speed is 6 meters per second. Compared with manual rice seeding, drones have better seeding uniformity and higher production efficiency, which saves time and costs.   
In terms of the effect of rice seedling emergence, the germination rate is above 98%, and the rice seedlings are relatively evenly distributed, without dense or sparse growth, which is deeply favored and supported by farmers.
At present, we are exploring foreign sales channels and have successfully exported to Southeast Asia, South America and Africa. And we are looking for good distributors to join us. If you are interested in agricultural drone or want to know more about agricultural drone technical knowledge, you can click on the online customer service, or leave a message to consult us, we sincerely welcome your consultation.
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