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Breaking tradition, agricultural drones improve farming efficiency

DATE: Jul 4th, 2021
The low work efficiency and low income of farmers have always been a problem we have worked hard to solve. The most fundamental solution is to improve the efficiency of agricultural production. Only when the efficiency is improved can income be increased. The improvement of agricultural production efficiency used to be chemical fertilizers, but now it is the use of agricultural machinery. Intelligent equipment such as drones has become a weapon for farmers to improve production efficiency and save costs.
Chufangagri is committed to creating intelligent and efficient agricultural machinery and agricultural services, and providing farmers with agricultural solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs. The TP32 agricultural drone developed and launched has diversified functions, precision and efficiency, and intelligent control, which improves agricultural production efficiency, improvement of crop quality and yield has provided tremendous help. Take paddy planting as an example, Chufang TP32 agricultural drones are accurate, efficient, and the planting efficiency is nearly 8 times that of manual seeding.
It is equipped with multi-function spraying system, so it can be used for different applications. Flexible spraying system, it can reduce vibration and prolong the life of spraying system .We can also equip different nozzles for different crops and applications. The drone is equipped with improved nozzle, which can make sure uniform spraying and excellent spraying performance. It can be equipped with granula spraying system easily, which can be used for spraying seeds, granular fertilizer, etc.
The use of agricultural drones has improved production efficiency, farmers' income has been greatly increased, and at the same time promoted the development of agriculture. I believe that in the future, agricultural drone technologies will be more diverse and more efficient, bringing more opportunities and surprises to farmers!
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