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How to grow grapes

DATE: Jun 26th, 2021
The second peak period of grape fruit growth is related to the yield and fruit quality throughout the year. Therefore, if you want high-yield and high-quality grapes, the management of this period cannot be ignored.
Fertilizer and water management
Fruit growth and development need sufficient nutrients, so the young fruit should be topdressed in time before the young fruit expands to prepare for the second expansion of the fruit and improve the quality of the grapes. At the same time, controlling moisture is also an important task. Insufficient moisture can easily affect the expansion of fruits and plant growth. Excessive moisture can lead to excessive humidity and cause disease. Therefore, moisture control should be done well, and water should be drained in time in continuous rainy days. 
Grape bagging
Grape bagging can improve fruit quality and coloration, prevent diseases and insect pests, and avoid dust and chemical pollution.
Grape bagging is a key task, and attention should be paid to choosing the right bag; bagging should be done as soon as possible, usually after the fruit is thinned, and the bagging work should be finished before the rainy season; at the same time, attention should be paid to avoid the high temperature at noon to avoid aggravating sunburn. Bagging work should be carried out on a sunny day after rain.
Diseases and insect pest Control
When the temperature is high, the weather is humid, and the rain is frequent, the grapes are more susceptible to various diseases and insect pests, and the economic benefits are reduced in severe cases. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent and control the susceptible diseases of grapes in advance, and spray effective medicines to control pests and diseases in a timely manner to ensure the normal growth and development of grapes.
The above is a few points about grape planting management. Doing the above points during this period will greatly help the high-yield and high-quality grapes in the later stage.
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